Yandex has started the Europe's first unmanned taxi

31 August 2018

Two self-driving cars will daily ply in a special test zone of Innopolis of Tatarstan. For landing and disembarkation of passengers five points are equipped here. They are located at key city objects: the university, stadium, the medical center, the residential quarter and the administrative business center where the office of "Yandex" is located. In the future the number of stops and the taxi is planned to be increased.

On August 28 in Innopolis between the government of the Republic of Tatarstan and Yandex Company the agreement on development of pilotless transport is signed.

The document provides creation in the IT-city of a test zone for movement of the car. Innopolis became the Europe's first city where it is possible to use the unmanned taxi for daily trips.

It is the real technological break because the first time in Europe a self-driving can be used by everyone. The service will be free.

All adult residents of Innopolis who have agreed to participation in testing can use innovative transport. Waiting time of the car varies depending on demand, and in salon three passengers can accommodate.

"Yandex" works on the self-driving car since 2016. It uses technologies of machine learning, computer sight and navigation. In February of this year tests of a prototype of a unmanned taxi have taken place in Moscow after a heavy snowfall.

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