"Kalashnikov" has presented the electromotorcycle for the civil market

22 August 2018

At the international forum "Army-2018" the Kalashnikov Concern has presented the UM-1 electromotorcycle (Urban Moto) for the civil market. The motorcycle is the Russian development and is simplicity in operation, has the lowered noise level and minimal requirements in service.

The electrobike has maximum speed to 100 km/h with a cruising range to 150 km. Weight is 165-245 kg. The motorcycle uses the LiFePO4 and LIPO accumulators.

Technical characteristics of UM-1:

Engine type — brushless motor on direct current
Power — 15 kW
The maximum speed — 100 km/h
Course range — 150 km
Weight - 165 — 245 kg
Type of accumulators - LiFePO4, LiPO
Drive type — Chain

Earlier "Kalashnikov" has released special party of electromotorcycles by request of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

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