The Russian school students have won first place in competitions in robotics

20 August 2018

The school national team of the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics has won gold at world competitions in robotics — RobotChallenge-2018 in Beijing.

School students who for the first time participated in a competition became the best in creative category. Children have made the project on cleaning of the Arctic coast — "The Clean Arctic". They have bypassed 30 rivals from the different countries.

This project is 2 years old. But now children have considerably improved it. Now the system works on a neuronet thanks to what the robot won't mix a barrel from oil with another, even very similar, a subject any more. Thus, the accuracy of recognition of an object became the main achievement.

In total nearly 1500 robots from 30 countries of the world competed. The championship took place from August 10 to August 12 in Beijing. Teams have presented about 1500 robots which competed in several categories: sumo of robots, air races and following on the line.

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