Russia creates own Internet

09 August 2018

Russia starts creation of global system of the satellite Internet "Sphere". The project assumes deploying of 640 small satellites which will provide complex communication services, navigation and remote sensing of Earth in the territory of all planet. It is incredibly difficult, but nevertheless the realizing task will allow us to create the national system of Internet access and mobile communication independent of third countries. However this project is only a part of complex strategy for strengthening of information sovereignty of our country.

Nowdays there is the issue of creation of own system of the root DNS servers independent of ICANN which in general define work of global addressing of the Internet is now handled and the majority of which is under control of the USA now. The ideas of the father of the Chinese firewall Fang Binxinga who points that between several countries, for example, Russia and China, it is possible to create direct data exchange bypassing root DNS servers of the USA are taken as a basis.

Now all our efforts are directed to the fastest overcoming this dependence. But it is important to understand that it is not about creation of own Internet isolated from the world, and about a possibility to use network without fear of shutdown. Users in Russia won't notice any inconveniences.

Russia doesn't seek to create the own Internet isolated from the world, on the contrary, we invite the whole world to studying of our country, including by the Internet.

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