The Russian tanks will fire with electrical current

02 August 2018

Plasma defence, developed by the St. Petersburg physics, is much more effectively than traditionally applied.

The relevance of creation of such types of arms is connected with the fact that there are objects on which it is impossible to place the sufficient mass of armor, and active protection with use of explosives for the shot means is excluded for the constructive or technical reasons.

In new models the new physical principle of generation of energy is applied to a conclusion to a reciprocal and counter trajectory of the elements striking the attacking ammunition. Pulse electric discharges in the condensed environment are for this purpose used. Features of throwing of the striking elements due to pulse electric discharges are special concentration of energy (from 103 to 105 Joules on cubic centimeter), the high speed of its allocation in the channel of the category and the high pressure of gas-discharge plasma (from 108 to 1010 Pascals) with a temperature from 10 000 to 30 000 degrees on Calvin's scale.

Thus, use of electric discharge becomes a real and perspective method of active protection. And, researches have shown that system efficiency at completion can be increased four times. And efficiency of plazma dinamic devices at rather reasonable expenses of energy 10 times more, than at traditional means of protection.

Nowdays small-scale production of several modifications of plazma dinamic units throwing installations for different types of the protected objects is created.

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