Russia has started mass production of the first Russian SSD disks

31 July 2018

Such large international corporations as Samsung, Intel and Toshiba produces SSD disks. Till the recent moment these devices weren't manufactured in Russia. The Russian holding GS Group has started their development in 2016 in Kaliningrad.

There is situated the production cluster - several enterprises for development and release of civil electronics which allow to realize all cycle of production of SSD.

Annually plan to produce more than one million devices. Exclusively Russian technological developments are the basis for the project.

Russia will become the main sales market of the Kaliningrad SSD in the next years. However there are also export plans - producers negotiates with potential customers from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Macedonia and other countries.

SSD stands for Solid-State Drive. These are computer nonmechanical memory devices on the basis of memory chips which have succeeded HDD - traditional hard drives. Unlike HDD solid-state drives have the high speed, the smaller size and weight. They increase productivity of desktop computers and portable devices.

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