Ukrainians buy excursions to be convinced of reality of Krymsky Bridge

04 September 2018

It is known that in May, 2018 the automobile part of Krymsky Bridge has been brought into operation. However in Ukraine long time didn't believe at all that the project is possible to realize technically. Media and also patriots claimed that to construct a crossing through the Kerch Strait which would connect the Crimean peninsula and the mainland of Russia in the available difficult conditions of the area is impossible. And all picture which were regularly taken during building the bridge called fake.

Nevertheless, only about three years were required in order that Krymsky Bridge from the project was embodied in reality.

In Ukraine still many people don't take it a word and want to be convinced that the overpass really stands and is made well.

Many Ukrainians who come to rest to the Crimea this summer buy special excursion tours which program includes visit of Krymsky Bridge. During such travel citizens of Ukraine pass on the bridge in both directions and also can buy thematic souvenirs.

It should be noted that after joining of the Crimea to Russia Ukrainians haven't ceased to visit this resort region, especially in summertime of year. By estimates in 2018 the peninsula will be visited by about one million citizens of Ukraine that is 200 thousand more, than last year.

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