The European Parliament has called for dialogue with Russia because of damage from sanctions

04 September 2018

The European Parliament deputy Sofie Montel (France) has addressed European Commission with the offer to resume productive cooperation with Russia. According to her, the EU suffers because of the measures entered by the Russian Federation in response to sanctions of the West. The parliamentarian emphasizes that deterioration in the relations with Moscow has led to decrease in economic growth of the European Union countries.

Montel emphasizes that the sanctions regime has caused "a huge loss to the French economy, in particular agricultural sector".

The European Commission has to consider the address of the European Parliament deputy and give the answer.

The countries of Europe didn't manage to find the new markets or to master them at the same level at which they were present at Russia. Economic sanctions first of all have very strongly struck Germany, Spain, France and Greece. Agriculture products, especially from France — cheese and vegetables, were exported to Russia. Because of sanctions the European market couldn't process all this production and successfully realize it at itself

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