Mobilization economy of Vladimir Putin

04 September 2018

Pension reform in Russia is a step to mobilization of economy. But for what mobilization is necessary? And how all this related to Ukraine..

We will remind that in Russia plan to raise retirement age, thereby having released a large amount of money from the pension fund. This step of the government has caused great discontent among the people.

Let's try to understand why it has to be done...

In December, 2017 at a meeting with the Ministry of Defence Putin has made an important statement. Additional measures for increase of economic mobilization readiness are necessary.

Ability of economy to quickly increase volumes of defensive production and services in due time — one of the most important conditions of ensuring military safety of the state.

It is possible to think that Russia prepares for war. It is partly right, but not completely.

Putin only tries to prepare us for the Future, for what didn't happen yet, but surely happens because it comes inevitably.

Possible disintegration of Ukraine

We will assume that analytical centers of Putin have counted disintegration of Ukraine already in the near future. What then will be and how it is related to pension reform?

Remember process of joining of the Crimea. Two million semi-poor population became a part of Russia from which quarter pensioners and the territory with about 90% destroyed infrastructure. The country heavy got out of the situation.

Maybe Putin is going to accept as a member of Russia 30 million population of the former Ukraine in addition with the territories which are in awful state. Someone has to feed these people while half-ruined former Malorossiya is integrated into Great Russia.

And this is a significant reason for raising the retirement age. And in this situation Putin has to ask the people to be patient...

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