The famous director without paying attention to sanctions have arrived to the Crimea and have praised Putin

27 August 2018

The famous director Emir Kusturica has arrived in the Crimea where he with his folk rock group "The No Smoking Orchestra" will hold a concert in Yalta.

Today at the airport of Simferopol he was met by journalists to whom the director has told that he is especially pleasant to be on the peninsula, in the Crimea he is already for the second time.

According to Kusturica, he is glad that the Crimea has reunited with the Russian Federation as it is primordially Russian territory.

"You have a good weather, girls beautiful, people good. It is very lovely to me that the Crimea is Russian, it is that territory which was always Russian. If you have told that you want to live in the Russian Federation, then this is your decisiion. I am excited about what Putin has done You have a good president", – Kusturica has said.

Earlier it has forbidden to Emir Kusturica the entrance on the territory of Ukraine because of his support of reunion of the Crimea with the Russian Federation.

Also cult director has said that change of the power in Ukraine became result of "the certain plot which has brought on the Maidan of the murderers killing the even activists and police officers".

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