Putin has got to fall in love all Austria by one visit

22 August 2018

Austria – has openly thrown a challenge to the Western world, supporting independent policy and friendship with Moscow.

At the beginning of August the head of the Austrian diplomacy Karin Knaysl assured that her wedding will be modest, and an event – silent. However the reality has surpassed all imaginable expectations. Vladimir Putin's visit to Vienna has brought a simple ceremony in political category of the world events.

For the West it is impossible that the head of one of three leading countries of the planet has accepted the invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria.

The Austrians support cancellation of sanctions against Russia long ago, don't admit "proofs" guilt of Moscow in Skripaly, always hold open doors for Vladimir Putin, support the idea of construction of "Nord Stream-2", provide the territory for various business projects of Russia. Therefore all head European offices of Gazprom and Sberbank are in Vienna. And at last Austria shows warm personal approach.

The Foreign Minister Knaysl – a supporter of a national course of Austria and as many politicians in this country opposes dictatorship of Brussels and dependence of Europe and the USA. Therefore the visit of the Russian President with a flowers bouquet, a simple toast and the Kuban Kazachy choir – the real slap in the face of Vienna and Moscow to the transatlantic solidarity.

All international media have started talking about treachery. But the gesture of the President of Russia and Foreign Minister was pleasant to ordinary people. Under an official video of arrival of Vladimir Putin to the place of a wedding foreigners openly noted correctness of such personal steps. Many of them said that only Putin in modern policy doesn't behave as the inhabitant of heaven though with his influence and opportunities, it would be easy for him.

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