Results of negotiations of Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel in Germany

20 August 2018

For Russia it was important to fix inevitability of construction of Nord Stream-2 and Russia has achieved it.

Following the results of negotiations of Germany

1. "Nord Stream-2" and other gas projects will develop further, despite pressure from the USA. Germans are ready to suffer inconveniences from the USA, considering the Nord Stream-2 as the economic project.

2. Transit through Ukraine after completion of "Nord Stream-2" will remain within "economic feasibility".

3. Germany and Russia consider the Minsk Agreement uncontested and will make further efforts for their realization.

4. Since September 1 on Donbass "School truce" with the beginning of academic year has to begin.

5. Germany is interested in the solution of problems of the Syrian refugees, but the reality in this question will appear after the conference of Russia, Turkey, Germany and France, preparation for which is now conducted. Russia is interested in Germany helping to Syrians.

6. Germany and Russia will increase further commodity turnover, despite sanctions of the EU. According to the current statistics, the last year commodity turnover surely grew and sanctions didn't interfere with it.

7. In general Russia and Germany have agreed to agree further as a situation in the world unstable and cooperation in different questions is quite possible.

Such result has very much upset Ukraine and an Euro-Atlantic lobby as realization of Nord Stream-2 obviously prevents economic isolation of Russia from Europe and reduces value of Ukraine as transit country which remains facing a problem of reduction of gas transit to the level of "economic feasibility" and lack of funds for modernization of the outdate gas transmission system.

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