Cooperation of Moscow and Berlin frightens the USA

13 August 2018

The USA is afraid of cooperation of Russia and Germany, the cochairman of fraction of the Left-wing party of the Bundestag of Germany Sara Vagenknekht has said. But the bad relations with Russia — not for the benefit of the European Union.

The USA was always afraid of association of the Russian resources and the German technology. The USA always pursues the interests, and with coming of Donald Trump it began to be shown more aggressively. According to her, the interests of Washington contradict European in many questions, including economic.

At the NATO summit on July 12 Donald Trump has criticized Germany for support of "Nord Stream-2", having called the country dependent on Russia. The USA wants the European Union countries have refused the Russian gas in favor of the American LNG. In June in the USA the bill of sanctions against Nord Stream-2 has been prepared.

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