Germany won't refuse "Nord Stream-2" for the sake of rescue of Ukraine

09 August 2018

The German chancellor Angela Merkel, despite massive pressure from politicians of the USA and the EU, continues to insist on need of implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project: construction of the gas pipeline which will be laid on a bottom of the Baltic Sea is very favorable to Germany.

Some countries of Europe are extremely angry laying of the gas stream as they see direct threat to the financial wellbeing. The matter is that they won't remain the place in "intermediaries" — the transit point in a chain who receives money for transportation of the Russian raw materials and fills up at the expense of it a significant part of the budget.

The economic logic of the project is in German pragmatic. Berlin realizes benefit from interaction with the Russian suppliers and for a long time has an idea for refusal of coal generation that defines the aspiration of Germany to improve long-term raw partnership with the Russian Federation.

Berlin and Brussels mediate between Moscow and Kiev of transit contract for the Russian gas again: it comes to an end in 2019. The volume of this transit – also very difficult question, Europe understands that consumers of gas should pay costs from own pocket to support Ukraine.

German industry after implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project will receive "second breath" and to get rid of large costs, receiving cheap sources of energy resources. Diplomacy concedes to sensible economic logic: construction of the highway is well under way, despite opposition to the gas pipeline in Europe. It is also very important to Russia to realize the project: the Ukrainian route of transportation of gas has the increased risks and decays more and more over time, and its modernization will require much more maoney than the new project of the gas stream to the EU.

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