On border of Israel and Syria the Russian military have appeared

03 August 2018

Russia will expose posts of military police on the Golan heights.

Work of the international observers around the Syrian-Israeli border has been suspended in 2012 for safety reasons. However conditions for renewal of their activity are created now. UN peacekeepers accompanied by the Russian military police have made patrol, the first for six years, around division line.

Opposite to posts of the UN along the line "Bravo" exposure of eight observation posts of military police for an exception of possible provocations is planned. They with improvement of a situation will be given subsequently to the military personnel of the Syrian government troops.

Belonging to Syria since 1944 of Golana have been taken by Israel during Six-day war of 1967. The Israeli parliament in 1981 has adopted the law "About the Golan Heights" which has unilaterally proclaimed sovereignty of the country over this territory. The resolution of the UN Security Council then recognized annexation as invalid, Damascus continues to consider these territories as Syrian.

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