S-300 spotted F-35 already on approach to borders of Syria

18 October 2018

The notorious invisibility of F-35 came to grief from the Russian S-300 air defense systems. During preparation of invasion into airspace of Syria from Israel, planes of the 5th generation, namely the F-35 strike fighter were for the first time used. Operation was directed to the provocation and check of readiness of S-300 air defense systems put by the Russian Federation in response to the Il-20 plane which is shot down because of the Israeli pilots. During operation preparation, the flight of 4 planes of invisible F-35, was revealed and taken on aim by the Russian S-300 complex. After that planes turned back and left a coverage zone of S-300 air defense.

And now about the most important. Many western generals said more than once that the invisible plane F-35 is invisible to all existing air defense systems, but occurred incident shows it is obvious not true.

A developer of the F-35 airplane is the Lockheed Martin company. Initially the program on development and full start of production was estimated at 55 billion US dollars, but according to the last statement of the U.S. President Donald Trump, the cost of the program with all completions and tests was already 400 billion dollars. But the plane did not enter into mass production and with each test flight the new defect and a miscalculation of the engineers creating this aircraft is found!

According to the statement of heads of the company of F-35 producer. During creation of the airplane confidential developments of the Russian Yakovlev Design Bureau which were got by espionage were used. The system of vertical take off and landing.

This plane had to be the main weapon of new generation against opponents of the USA. But apparently the air defense system developed more then 30 years ago in the USSR took aim on the modern world airplane.

S-300 were thrown to Syria in response to hostile steps from Israel and the shot-down Russian military Il-20 airplane, for continuous watch and protection of the Syria sky.


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