The latest Russian ZRK "Sosna" (Pine) will be presented at a forum Army-2018

20 August 2018

The automated surface-to-air missile Pine missile system is intended for protection of army divisions in any forms of fight, including on a march, from air attack and investigation.

It is effective at any time, in the conditions of limited visibility, at possible existence of natural and artificial hindrances.

Thanks to use of automatic high-precision optical-electronic system the reserve and automation of fighting work is provided.

Aim detection — independently by optical-electronic system and in the mode of external targeting.

Defeat zones: on range — up to 10 km, on height — up to 5 km. Crew — two persons.

Placement of fighting crew — on any carrier with a loading capacity more than 3,5 tons.

Arms — 12 anti-aircraft guided missiles of "Sosna-R" on launcher guides.

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