Russian Iskander have learned to destroy the sea targets

07 August 2018

The operational and tactical complex Iskander M have taught to hit the sea targets. So far only motionless, but the Russian design engineers, for certain, will give many surprises.

What is worth at least Iskander capability to strike the NATO ships on raid?! This ability of the Russian complex at once has changed balance of forces at the Baltic and Black seas.

First Iskander wasn't intended for defeat of the sea purposes. For blow to the ships of NATO there are coastal missile systems "Ball" and "Bastion". However the Russian armorers are capable to expand the fighting horizons of any complex. In skillful hands the Russian arms is suitable for modernizations and improvements for a long time.

Iskander has received new abilities, thanks to emergence of the new hypersonic Dagger rocket. Engineers have analysed an active radar head of homing of "Dagger" and have created similar for Iskander.

Before Iskander have taught to shoot with the Calibre rockets. In case of war operational and tactical complexes will strike with "Calibres" the NATO ships of the second and third rank (the ships of such types are carriers of the Tomahawk cruise missiles and elements of system of missile defense).

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