Nord Stream-2: preparation for laying of pipes has begun

27 July 2018

The vessel Castoro 10 (C10) has started preparatory work on laying of pipes for "Nord Stream — 2", the operator of the project — the Nord Stream 2 company has reported.

By means of eight anchors the vessel C10 has taken an initial position in shallow water near Germany. In the course of works of a pipe cook onboard the vessel in a uniform lash and are dragged on the coast by means of the winch to connect coastal objects "Nord Stream — 2" to a sea part of the new gas pipeline.

Preparatory work for the subsequent laying of pipes in the Bay of Greifswald (Germany) is at the same time continued — five excavators dig a 29-kilometer trench for the gas pipeline.

Nord Stream 2 expects to finish construction works on this site by the end of the year.

The Nord Stream — 2 project assumes laying of two gas threads with a general power of 55 billion cubic meters a year from the coast of Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The construction license was already issued by Germany, Finland and Sweden. Now it's needed to receive consent from Denmark.

Some countries, first of all Ukraine which is afraid oppose "Nord Stream — 2" to lose income from transit of the Russian gas, and the USA advancing ambitious plans for export of the LNG to Europe.

Besides, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in common stated that they don't approve implementation of the project: their leaders are sure that he is political.

Russia repeatedly urged not to perceive the gas pipeline as the instrument of influence. According to Vladimir Putin, Moscow treats the project only as to economic.

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