Russia has found replacement of Siemens

27 August 2018

The analogs of gas turbines from the German concern Siemens will appear in Russia . The Power Machines company which has fallen under the American sanctions will be engaged in development.

The Government of the Russian Federation develops the road map on import substitution of production of gas turbines. This work is in a closing stage, and the authorities consider it as the solution of ensuring technological safety of Russia and support of the companies which are under sanctions.

The turbine meeting all international standards has to be manufactured in Russia in three-four years.

Still in Russia the "Siemens of Technology of Gas Turbines" company — joint venture of Power Machines and Siemens was engaged in production of turbines. The Russian side in it possesses 35 percent. However in the summer of 2017 it became known that two turbines made for power plant in Krasnodar Krai have appeared in the Crimea in circumvention of sanctions. Siemens has demanded to return turbines and to pay compensation, but has lost the case.

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