Russia successfully resists to sanctions of the USA

20 August 2018

The economy of Russia has well coped with a new round of sanctions of the USA announced in April. Analysts of the international rating agency Fitch have come to such conclusion. They have confirmed the long-term credit rating of Moscow at the investment level "BBB-" with the positive forecast.

Paradoxically, but stability of the Russian economy is much higher, than Soviet. The Soviet economy was mobilization, because of the central planning and state ownership on means of production, and economy industrial, it strongly depended on agriculture. Growth rates of the USSR strongly fluctuated depending on a harvest.

In Russia the situation with a harvest is much better, than in the USSR. Thus, and the basic component of the Russian economy is stronger.

On the Russian economy, unlike Soviet, there are no countries of the socialist camp. It also increases our mobilization abilities. Now we have positive ally factor such as China which has terrible vulnerability in the field of power supply, and with the great pleasure will take all our supply of oil and gas which goes west today.

Russia's 150 million tonns of oil and 300 billion cubic meters of gas in a year will allow China to replace consumption of brown coal. This coal China gets in the north of the country, and pays for it, besides money, in six lives of miners for each one million tons.

In a word, economically sanctions won't shake Russia.

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